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GPSE Consulting offers consulting services and engineering training to help organizations of all sizes build powerful solutions from data using machine learning.

We know how to use big data to solve big business problems - and sometimes, small ones too. Let us show you how to harness the power of data your business is already collecting and transform it into powerful solutions.


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Here are a few ways we might be able to help you:

Data Utilization Assessments - It’s easier than ever to collect valuable data about your customers from websites and connected devices. The problem for most companies is deciding what to do with the data they have and applying it to the business challenges they’re facing. GPSE Consulting offers fast and cost-effective Data Utilization Assessments to help clients investigate how machine learning can help solve business challenges and report results based on a state of the art methodology.

Machine Learning Engineering Workshops - Machine learning is a fast-evolving space, one with a shortage of qualified engineers. Fortunately, your current software engineering team can be taught the skills they need with GPSE Consulting’s Machine Learning Engineering Workshops. We provide the hands-on training your engineers need to build a machine learning system from the bottom up: from data input to predictions and business solutions.

Our intensive 5 Day Machine Learning Engineering Workshop, conducted on-site, is unique in its use of gamification, a competition-based format that keeps your engineers engaged throughout the sessions so they learn as much as possible. We offer our course on your site to reduce costs and keep our class sizes limited to a maximum of 10 participants per session so your team gets as much hands-on learning and instruction time as possible.  

Learn more about our curriculum and the workshop competition here.

Machine Learning Consulting - Machine Learning can help your organization respond to an array of pressing business challenges but it takes skilled resources to make it happen. GPSE Consulting provides access to Machine Learning engineering experts with experience building solutions for some of the world’s leading data science organizations so that you can integrate machine learning into your current technology stack.

Our expertise can help you quickly and cost-effectively build a robust machine learning system, addressing the entire workflow from data ingestion and pre-processing to continuous or batch model training, runtime model evaluation, instrumentation and metrics. We specialize in building recommendation systems to help organizations leverage data they gather about customer behavior to build solutions that drive sales and create great user experiences.

With nearly a decade of experience at the forefront of data science, we bring extensive software engineering and applied machine learning experience to bear on solving a wide variety of client problems. Our services can be customized to your needs and existing infrastructure. We are based in Seattle but able to deliver training services across the U.S. and Canada.


Areas of Expertise

natural language processing

GPSE Consulting is experienced with all elements of Natural Language Processing (NLP), including document classification, named entity recognition and sentiment analysis in large production systems. We can help you leverage NLP to analyze a wide variety of high-volume data to learn more about your customers wants, needs and even emotions, so you can serve them better.


There’s a reason sites like Netflix, Amazon and others use recommender systems: they can help you increase engagement, enhance and guide the customer experience. Best of all, they can help your organization drive revenue. GPSE can help you leverage your customer data (likes, engagements, ratings and more) to build a cost effective and profitable recommender system for any product.



Perhaps machine learning could deliver the benefits your organization needs, but your data set is small - or even non-existent? Crowdsourcing can be a great way to gather the training data you need to apply machine learning in your business. GPSE Consulting can help with any aspect of a crowdsourcing project, from designing the tasks to collecting and cleaning the data so it’s ready for model training.


Deep learning enables systems to make decisions as good as or better than those made by humans, so that organizations can solve a variety of complex business problems. From text document processing, to computer vision, deep learning drives more accurate decisions at lower cost and with less human intervention. Using deep, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, GPSE Consulting’s deep learning solutions make smart machines, even smarter.


Amazon Web services

GPSE Consulting has nearly a decade of experience building systems with Amazon’s Web Services technology. Our experience with AWS AI tools like SageMaker, Polly and Rekognition, along with non-AWS tools like Elastic Container Service, Lambda, S3 cloud storage, Elastic Map Reduce and more, can help you design systems, store and process large volumes of data at the lowest operational cost.


Working with an outsourced software engineering organization can sometimes be risky - sloppy, untested code, poor documentation and other challenges are common. But not with GPSE Consulting. Our commitment to software engineering best practices means you can trust that our code is always thoroughly tested, edge cases covered, and full documentation provided. Plus, we provide an opportunity for peer review from your own engineers.