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Gabriel Parent

Gabriel Parent is founder of GPSE Consulting.

Gabriel received his Master in Language Technology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011 where he published papers on word sense disambiguation, spoken dialog systems, and crowdsourcing.

Following graduation from CMU, Gabriel spent 6 years at Amazon, helping to optimize the customer experience with recommender systems, deep learning and more, for one of the world’s most innovative machine learning and data science organizations.

In 2018, Gabriel founded GPSE Consulting to help other businesses leverage machine learning to operate more efficiently, make decisions faster, more quickly and cost-effectively, and deliver customer experiences that increase revenue and enhance satisfaction.

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Previous Occupation

Amazon Music
Machine learning engineer, 2015-2017
Software development engineer, 2011-2015


Carnegie Mellon University
Masters in Language Technologies, 2011

École Polytechnique de Montréal
Bachelor of Computer Engineering, 2009

Technical Skills and Experience

  • Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, C/C++ and more

  • Libraries: Cython, numpy, pandas, TensorFlow, scikit-learn

  • Tools: Jupyter/iPython, Spark/Hadoop, Docker

  • AWS: S3, EC2, EMR, SQS, Redshift, ECS and proficiency with many more.

  • Systems Design: significant experience designing distributed systems

  • Other interests: linux, blockchain technology, machine learning for astronomy